Is it true that you are Using Sessions?

Solicitations Are Getting Blocked and Hang in the ASP.NET Pipeline

Solicitations Are Getting Blocked and Hang in the ASP.NET Pipeline

ASP.NET Lifecycle

There are numerous means in the lifecycle of an ASP.NET demand. This incorporates essential advances like the beginning of the solicitation, validation, approval, assessing the right HTTP overseer and completing the solicitation. As a feature of this, there are numerous norm and custom HTTP modules that might be being used.

The primary thing I told you learn java was the best way to see the at present executing web demands.

In the event that you are having execution issues, I would recommend hoping to check whether all the solicitations appear to hold tight a particular HTTP module.

HTTP modules can be local code or overseen .NET code. They can be standard .NET modules like FormsAuthenticaion or SessionStateModule. Numerous applications likewise utilize outsider or custom HTTP modules.

Is it true that you are Using Sessions?

The vast majority don’t understand the amount of a presentation overhead ASP.NET meetings cause.

On each page load, they cause your IIS specialist cycle to recover your meeting object, lock it, and afterward discharge it toward the finish of the solicitation.

Meetings cause bolting and can cause a bottleneck inside your application.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a meeting supplier like Redis or SQL, any exhibition stoppages will affect the presentation of your application.

6. Wasteful .NET Code That Needs to Be Optimized

In the event that none of the other regular causes was an issue, you may need to dive into the code to make upgrades. You should utilize .NET code profilers to catch what techniques are being brought in your code and what amount of time they require.

Profilers can assist you with distinguishing explicit strategies in your code that are moderate.

Cautioning: Profilers do add overhead to your application. So if your application as of now has high CPU use (90+%), profiling will be moderate, and the presentation of your application will deteriorate.

This could make your application unusable in any event, contingent upon the detail level of profiling you are doing and the CPU utilization before you began profiling.

My top pick .NET profiler is RedGate’s ANTS Performance Profiler. They do offer a free preliminary that you can exploit.

RedGate’s ANTS Performance Profiler.

Look at these articles to become familiar with ANTS and how to profile ASP.NET applications.

Step by step instructions to Troubleshoot High .NET App CPU in Production With ANTS and Process Hacker

Walkthrough: ASP.NET profiling with ANTS Performance Profiler

Best of Luck With Your IIS Performance Problems!

Ideally, you are perusing this since you are attempting to make sense of how to improve execution. I trust your worker isn’t at 100% and you are scrambling!

As a supplier of APM arrangements, we invest a great deal of energy taking a shot at and considering application execution issues. We trust this guide has been useful to investigate IIS Worker Process (w3wp.exe).

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